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Matching shapes – POPARD
Matching shapes

Matching shapes


This Flip Book activity is a fun task an elementary student can do independently using a Work System. You can substitute any pictures your student would prefer.

Materials you’ll need:

  • binder
  • 2 copies of a picture or scene
  • page protector, laminator or clear packing tape
  • sticky hook & hoop fasteners
  • scissors
  • instructions with pictures & text

To set up the project, please follow the Teacher Instructions below. The student can follow the directions in written and picture form, also in the attachment section below.


  1. If the student is unable to perform the task independently, use graduated guidance.
  2. Be sure to fade your prompts to allow the student to complete as much of the task independently as possible.
  3. Increase the number of shapes on each picture and the number of pages in the book as your student is able to perform the task independently.
  4. Use pictures of interest to your student to help make it a fun activity!

Graduated Guidance:

Graduated guidance involves the use of prompts (usually physical) to teach a skill. This involves using just enough guidance to prevent an error and reducing the intensity of the prompt as the student becomes more independent. For example, starting out with a hand-over-hand prompt, then reducing to a light touch as the student begins to perform the skill independently.


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