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Opening a combination lock – POPARD
Opening a combination lock

Opening a combination lock


Opening a Combination Lock is a task that allows the student to work independently using a Work System.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Combination lock with a 3-digit code.
  • Instructions with pictures and text

Note: this task can be modified for a single digit lock.

The Student can follow directions given in written and picture form available here and in the attachment below.

about work systems

Work Systems allow a student to work independently in the classroom and eventually in work settings.

Please note that tasks for work systems should be directly related to a student’s IEP goals. Work systems include preferred and motivating activities.

Use ‘graduated guidance’ if a student requires support while completing a work system task. Briefly, this means providing enough physical guidance to prevent error and reducing this support as the student gains independence.

For additional information, refer to

“Activity Schedules for Children with Autism, Teaching Independent Behaviour” by L. McClannahan & P. Krantz (First Edition: 1999, Second Edition: 2010).

Activity Schedules for Children With Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior (Topics in Autism) 1st Edition