Carlye McCloy-Brown

Carlye McCloy-Brown


Carlye is a qualified specialist teacher, from the UK. She has over 10 years’ experience working with the autism community ranging from support staff to Coordinator, Governor & Mentor level at an outstanding Autism school in London.

She has a Postgraduate Diploma from the UCL, Institute of Education in Psychology of Education where she had the privilege of worked on an Autism Mental Health study with the Centre of Research in Autism & Education.

Her areas of interest include working with lower ability, non-verbal students with additional behavioral or medical needs through a whole team approach. She strives to always have clear, transparent communication and is always open to learning and developing her own knowledge and understanding through collaborating with others, particularly with her students and their parents.

She believes that students of all abilities are able to reach their full potential through a creative multisensory approach to learning that is meaningful; along with opportunities to develop their independent skills with the empowered support of their family and community.

Carlye moved to Vancouver in 2017 with her husband & their two kitty ladies, where she has since added to her family.  Now she is raising Canucks, she enjoys exploring all BC has to offer and what it means to be Canadian. She adopts a plant-based lifestyle and embraces all aspects of vintage culture and enjoys planning her next visit with friends and family.