Handouts – Full Set of 17

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Are you looking for a way to quickly & visually explain strategies or concepts related to ASD?

POPARD has researched topics ranging from Executive Functions, Theory of Mind, Positive Reinforcement and more, and has distilled them into illustrated handouts that you can share with teachers, teaching assistants, parents and others on your team.

This is a complete set of POPARD’s 17 handouts.

HANDOUT PACK includes:

  • ASD and Anxiety
  • Behaviour Skills Training
  • Characteristics of ASD
  • Communication
  • Curriculum Adaptations
  • Curriculum Modifications
  • Executive Functions (with Cool and Hot Processes and Strategies)
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Prompting
  • Restricted Interests
  • Self Regulation
  • Theory of Mind
  • Token Economy
  • Transition Strategies
  • Visual Schedules
  • Visually Supported Environments
  • Work Systems

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