Additional Resources

Autism Resources

Autism Resources (British Columbia)

Information on diagnostic assessments for autism, including how to begin the assessment process, regional contacts and referral forms.

Provincial information centre for autism, including family supports, service providers (Registry of Autism Service Providers or RASP), autism funding and community services.

Parent founded society providing support and information for individuals with autism and their families in BC, including education and training opportunities, various resources, and connections to various support groups.

Basic information on the BC Education system, including a Special Education Review “Teaching Students with Autism Resource Guide” (2000), in downloadable format.

Information on technology resources and supports available to BC students, and procedures for service delivery.

Autism Resources (Canada)

Autism Society Canada works across the country to reduce the profound impact of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) on individuals and their families and to support the implementation of better surveillance, quality research, and universally accessible, scientifically validated treatment and service delivery for all Canadians with ASD.

A Canadian organization that provides workshops and conferences across Canada on topics within autism.

Located in Toronto, this organization provides various clinical programs and services to over 3,000 families in the Toronto area, and provides information on conferences, research and training opportunities (in person and remote) for individuals and families of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder across Canada and internationally.

Autism Resources (US and International)

The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder provides modules and downloadable resources on a 27 Evidence-Based Practices. The NPDC developed the Autism Focused Intervention Resources and Modules (AFIRM), also listed on the AFIRM website.

Statewide center on Autism Spectrum Disorders, including links to various resources, information about evidence-based practices, and access to training opportunities and research.

A project with the mission of increasing capacity for supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Missouri public schools.

Australia’s largest Autism specific service provider, including one of the largest autism specific school programs in the world, and resources for individuals with autism across a variety of ages.

The UK’s primary source for Autism information, resources, services and research.