In addition to courses and Super Workshops, POPARD provides educational teams with customized professional development to build capacity in working with students with autism. We have accommodated requests for mentoring, implementation training, customized workshops, and support training in IEP development and safety planning, and in specialized program planning. We are open to tailoring professional development offerings to meet your school team or district needs.


Feel free to discuss your professional development needs with your consultant, district partner, or contact POPARD.

Mentoring of district or school staff

Mentoring can take several forms, depending on your team’s professional needs. Mentoring may be with one educational professional or with a group. It may include demonstrations, modeling, coaching, or assisting in resource development. Your school team together with the consultant decide on what will make the most effective mentorship experience, based on the strengths, difficulties, and learning styles of the individual or group. If you are interested in mentorship, please contact your District Partner or POPARD consultant.

Implementation Support or Training

POPARD is committed to helping school teams to implement the plans co-developed at the consultation meeting or strategies taught in a workshop. We realize that consultees can benefit from some support in making changes to their classroom environments and practice. This support is considered to be similar to having a coach, scaffolding to the extent the team desires. Examples include modeling a strategy, co-teaching, on-going coaching on site, by phone, or via video-conference. The specifics are planned by the consultant in collaboration with the school team.

Support with IEP development

POPARD is available to provide your school team with support developing an IEP for students with ASD, particularly those with complex needs. We can provide support to develop: IEP goals that are relevant to the student’s complex needs, strategies to achieve these goals, resources required, concrete measures for tracking progress toward achieving these goals, and adaptations or modifications required. If you are interested in support with the IEP process, please contact your District Partner or POPARD consultant.

Support with Safety Plan development

POPARD can support teams in the development of a student safety plan that addresses those challenging behaviours that compromise the safety of the student as well as peers and staff. POPARD consultants might be invited to provide guidance on the objectives, what to include in the plan, who should be involved, and the roles and responsibilities of the team to keep the child and others safe. If you are interested in support, please contact your District Partner or POPARD consultant.

Support in facilitating a PATH

POPARD can assist school teams in developing a PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) to support students with ASD transition into adulthood. POPARD consultants might be invited to conduct a PATH, and provide guidance on the objectives, the process, and the roles and responsibilities of each participant to support the student in developing a vision for their future. Our consultants might be requested to either demonstrate a PATH, or assist in the process. If you are interested in support with a PATH, please contact your District Partner or POPARD consultant.

Customized workshops

In addition to our Super Workshops, POPARD has received requests for customized workshops that tailor to the specific needs of the district. Topics of interest have included Transition Planning, Positive Behaviour Support, Visual Support, ASD and Mental Health, and Promoting Independence. Our customized workshops range in duration depending on your district’s availability, and can be targeted toward a range of education personnel — classroom teachers, integration support teachers, education assistants, administrators, or school or district-level staff. If you are interested in a customized workshop, please contact your POPARD consultant.

Specialized Program Planning

POPARD is able to provide support in specialized program planning at the district level. Specialized programs might include but are not limited to learning support, integration support, social-emotional learning, literacy, life skills, gifted, pre-employment programs, or developmental support programs. POPARD might contribute expertise on how to accommodate students with ASD based on the goals of the program and intended learning outcomes. If your district would like support with specialized program planning, please contact your District Partner or POPARD consultant.

If you are interested in any of these professional development options, or are interested in proposing alternative and unique professional development ideas for your school or district, contact us! We want to hear your ideas, and look forward to supporting your professional development needs.