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Sharpening pencils – POPARD
Sharpening pencils

Sharpening pencils


The goal of this task is for the student to sharpen the classroom pencils. This can become job in a classroom where the pencils are shared materials.


  • Visual support (sharp/dull)
  • Task analysis for sharpening pencils
  • Pencil jar
  • Pencil basket
  • Pencil sharpener

Instructions for the teacher:

  1. Give the instruction for the student to sharpen the pencils.
  2. Use graduated guidance (see components for details) to prompt the learner to follow any steps that they are not able to do independently.


  • Post the visual support and task analysis near the area where the pencils and pencil sharpener is located.
  • This task requires the student to be able to identify (using a visual support) whether the pencils need sharpening and to operate a pencil sharpener. If the student does not already have these prerequisite skills, teach them first.
  • Make sure to use a visual support appropriate for the abilities of your student. You may need to take photographs of the actual pencils and sharpener for some students while others may need only pictures or words.