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Spell name with velcro letters – POPARD
Spell name with velcro letters

Spell name with velcro letters


The goal of this task is for the student to spell their name by rearranging Velcro letters.


  • Folder
  • Velcro
  • Laminated letters
  • Student instructions


  • Create laminated letters for each of the letters in the student’s name.
  • Put Velcro on the back of each letter, and in a long strip inside the folder.
  • For early learners, write the student’s name inside the folder so they can match each Velcro letter to a letter of their name.
  • Extend the task by adding other words, filling in missing letters from words, or by creating sentences.


This task was adapted from Tasks Galore by Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey (2003)

Tasks Galore (Revised Edition