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Spelling match – POPARD
Spelling match

Spelling match


Spelling Match is another task that allows students to work independently using a Work System.

Materials you’ll need are:

  • a small magnetic dry erase board
  • a dry erase pen
  • flat fridge magnet cut into pieces
  • stimulus pictures
  • magnetic letters


To set up the task, attach small pieces of magnets to the back of the stimulus pictures. Stick the pictures to the magnetic board. Then, using the dry erase pen, print in large letters (roughly the same size as the magnetic letters) the words you want the student to practice.
The student can then match magnetic letters to spell the words.

When finished, the student can hand in the completed board.

For a more advanced task, print only part of the word and have the student fill in the missing letter(s) independently, or have them spell the whole word.

The Student can follow the directions given in written and picture form available in the attachment below.

Work Systems allow a student to work independently in the classroom and eventually in work settings.
Please note that tasks for work systems should be directly related to a student’s IEP goals and be able to be independently performed.