Open to all BC School District and independent school personnel, this introductory workshop will help participants develop a basic understanding about behaviour and the underlying reasons why students may engage in challenging behaviour. Some common strategies for addressing challenging behaviour will be discussed. Participants will walk away having learned how to begin planning to make improvements in the challenging behaviour displayed by the students in their classrooms.


Learning outcomes include:

  • Define the terms behaviour and challenging behaviour
  • Develop operational definitions of target behaviours
  • Describe how the environment influences challenging behaviour
  • Differentiate between antecedents and consequences and identify examples of them
  • Explain the different functions that behaviours serve and why it is important to determine the function prior to intervention
  • Discuss how to use ABC data collection to determine the function of behaviour
  • Give examples of class-wide and individual antecedent interventions and describe their components
  • Define replacement behaviours and identify appropriate skills to teach using case studies
  • Discriminate between punishment and extinction and explain the pitfalls of using punishment procedures
  • Explain why it is important to collect data and develop datasheets using a case study
  • Describe the components of a competing pathway diagram
  • Develop a competing pathway diagram for a student, identify appropriate interventions, and detail the components of the interventions, using a case study

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POPARD super‑workshops are open to all BC School District and Independent School personnel. This workshop is appropriate for classroom teachers, resource teachers, learning support teachers, case-managers, and other professionals who are not yet familiar with the workshop content. The workshop is particularly beneficial for those who can attend as a school team (e.g., the classroom teacher, case manager, and EAs for a student with challenging behaviour).