We provide consultation, training and support services to more than 1500 public schools and approximately 350 independent schools across the province of British Columbia with a primary focus on increasing the capacity of school district staff to support students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). POPARD’s mandate is determined by the Ministry of Education for the province of British Columbia.

POPARD provides services to students with a current diagnosis of ASD that meets Ministry of Education criteria for Category G. To qualify, the student must have documentation of a diagnosis of ASD made by appropriately qualified professionals. BC Autism Assessment Network (BCAAN) or a pediatrician, psychiatrist or registered psychologist whose assessment meets Standards and Guidelines and adopted BCAAN policies.

The POPARD team collaborates with educators who request support for students with ASD. Our collaborative approach promotes meaningful consultation with parents and community teams. We promote a wide range of evidence-based approaches to facilitate inclusive educational programs in the least restrictive environment.

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