Teaching Students with Severe and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities (10 weekly 3-hour sessions)

Does the programme we are providing for a student prepare her to live as productively and independently as possible in current and future inclusive environments? Lou Brown, John Nietupski and Susan Hamre-Nietupski, University of Wisconsin and Madison Public Schools (1976)

Teaching Students with Severe and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities shows resource and classroom teachers how to say “yes” to that question, providing meaningful and effective programming for students whose learning needs are very different from those of their classmates.

Participants will develop an understanding of the learning characteristics of students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and learn the history, legislation and philosophy which informs our inclusion of these students. Evidence-based teaching practices will be highlighted and participants will have the opportunity to apply these strategies to case studies and scenarios. Participants are given ample opportunity to explore and evaluate a variety of curricula, assessment tools and resources, creating a programme and action plan for both a case study and actual student.

Teaching Students with Severe and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities will be offered as ten weekly 3-hour classes. In-class instruction will include hands-on practice of concepts learned; opportunities to explore and share practical assessment and teaching tools; and opportunities to share and work with colleagues in pairs and small groups. The course will also include weekly readings and assignments to be completed by participants on their own time. Some of these will involve online collaboration with colleagues and posts to a shared forum.

Formative assessment and coaching will take place throughout the course. Summative assessment will be based on completion of all assignments and readings; a short final exam and two written assignments involving the application of course concepts to specific situations.

*NOTE: this is a new course and training dates and fee information will be announced soon

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This course is open to all BC School District and Independent School personnel.

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