Supporting schools
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POPARD promotes meaningful consultation with school teams, parents, and community teams. Our consultants promote evidence-based approaches that facilitate inclusive educational programs in the least restrictive environment. We provide a wide range of consultation services to meet the needs of the school team.



POPARD offers 5-day training courses on ASD and ABA for employees of BC School Districts and independent schools that follow the BC curriculum.

Super Workshops

Super Workshops are 2-day training sessions that integrate didactic instruction with practical application.


Workshops are training sessions that integrate didactic instruction with practical application.

Other professional development

POPARD provides professional development to school districts on a wide range of topics relevant to ASD that can be tailored to meet district needs.


POPARD offers a limited number of assessment services for students with a diagnosis of autism. Applications for assessment are submitted by the District Partner in consultation with the POPARD consultant.

Other services

Student cooperation training

Builds school district capacity to support students with ASD who exhibit persistent non-compliant or task avoidant behaviours.

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Special research projects

Available to districts interested in launching innovative practices or gathering evidence of efficacy.

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Contract services

Provided on a fee for service basis to school districts or other organizations.

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How to access services

POPARD offers services to school personnel and families. Each district in BC assigns a District Partner to coordinate POPARD Services. School personnel are asked to contact their District Partner to access consultation, training, and assessment services. Parents/caregivers may contact the Family-School Liaison.

School Districts

To access consultation, training, or assessment services, school personnel are asked to contact their District Partner.


POPARD’S Family-School Liaison service can be accessed directly by families and school personnel.


POPARD provides contract services and welcomes collaboration with school districts and community organizations.