POPARD may provide consultation to a classroom teacher that occurs over two or more days. A classwide consult involves working closely with the teacher to help develop the overall classroom goals, structure, curriculum, behaviour support plan, etc. This may be appropriate for segregated special education, an Autism classroom, or a classroom with more than one student with Autism. For a class wide consult to occur, there must be more than one student with Autism in the class.

POPARD’s model of consultation includes 3 phases:


Pre-consultation involves completion of a Needs Assessment by the teacher, describing the group’s strengths and concerns. The purpose is to encourage the team to think analytically about what may be contributing to any problem behaviours or concerns and identify what strategies have been in place and which ones are working.


Consultation includes a pre-observation meeting with the classroom teacher or school/classroom team where priorities and needs are clarified and an observation with a focus on analyzing the overall systems, environment, curriculum, student and staff dynamics etc., in order to address the referral concerns. Because of the intensive focus, a team meeting occurs at the end of each day, facilitated by the consultant. Similar to the student consultation, a detailed Implementation Plan is developed with active participation and decision-making by the school team.


Post-consultation includes an Implementation Plan, and a detailed consultation report. An implementation support day is scheduled to provide further coaching and create resources with and for the team members.

For further details, please contact your local District Partner.