Psychoeducational Assessments

A psychoeducational assessment looks at how the student functions in the areas of cognition, adaptive behaviour, achievement, social cognition, and emotional and behavioural development. The assessment helps teachers and other caregivers develop an appropriate educational program for the student. This can include strategies and supports, appropriate adaptations, modifications, and individual education plan goals.


Functional Behaviour Assessments

A functional behaviour assessment examines a student’s behaviour and functioning within his or her context (classroom, school). A goal of the functional behavioural assessment is to develop a positive behaviour support plan in collaboration with the student’s team. The behaviour support plan will make recommendations for changes in the student’s environment, how staff and perhaps parents and other students interact with and respond to the student, and suggestions for new skills to teach the student (replacement behaviours).



POPARD is open to exploring and providing unique or additional assessments either to schools or other organizations