The POPARD handout series presents ideas and strategies in an illustrated document that you can share with school teams and parents!

Behaviour skills training

This handout takes you through the 4 steps of behaviour skills training – an effective strategy that works in multiple settings for a variety of target skills.


Prompting strategies work well for students with ASD… if used strategically! Learn the main types of prompting and how to use them successfully in this 8-page comprehensive handout.

Curriculum modifications

This handout is a helpful reference when planning a modified program for a student. It covers who can benefit, who is involved, what are common goals, how to plan effectively, and much, much more!

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POPARD’s School-Age Autism Screening Inventory (SAASI) is a parent and teacher rating scale used to screen students for further assessment of ASD, and is intended for use with students who do not have significant cognitive or language delays.


The kit includes 1 Technical/Administration Manual plus 1 package of protocols (10 Examiner Summaries, 10 Rating Forms).

SAASI-HFS protocol package

The protocol package contains 10 Examiner Summaries, 10 Rating Forms.

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Functional Curriculum

The functional curriculum was developed in a classroom setting to meet the needs of students with ASD who require intensive interventions to acquire life skills for independent living.
The 8-volume functional curriculum covers assessment and data recording, task analysis, and teaching strategies for each topic. Topics included are Functional Academics, Self-Help and Life Skills, Vocational and Work Experience, and more.

Functional Curriculum 8-volume series

The Functional Curriculum is available in a set of 8 coil-bound books or as a CD in PDF format containing all 8 volumes.