There is an opportunity for some districts to participate in a limited amount of action research projects in conjunction with the POPARD consultants. These projects should explore effective ways to teach students with ASD or to train staff who work with students with ASD. They should add to POPARD’s ability to provide more effective service in the province, and may support districts in their ability to implement and document evidence-based and innovative practices.

Examples of recent special research projects include the following:

  • A Social Thinking Group for Teens: effects on student’s social skills and changes in staff skills
  • Training in Best Practices in Including Students with ASD in a Regular Classroom: the differential impact of providing classroom training of staff alone, versus classroom training of staff followed by mentoring.
  • Mentoring Kindergarten Teachers in Transitioning Students with ASD into the Regular Classroom: changes in teacher confidence and decreases in student problem behavior
  • Video Modeling Life Skills to a Student with ASD: increased independence in the school setting
  • A Cognitive Behavior Group for Teens with Anxiety and ASD: parent satisfaction, changes in family quality of life, and changes in student anxiety.