Need to Move


Teaching the Child who Can’t Sit Still

Many children with ASD seem to need to move their bodies constantly. This can be distracting to others although for the student with ASD it may help them concentrate.

Try the following:

  • Provide frequent, purposeful movement breaks, such as wiping off the blackboard, handing out supplies, running an errand to the office.
  • Try having the child sit on a “wiggle” cushion or an exercise ball. This can help meet their movement needs while still getting their work done.
  • Allow some activities to be done standing up, such as drawing or writing.
  • Give the student adequate space so his movements don’t encroach on another’s personal space. He may have difficulty monitoring personal space issues.
  • Monitor productivity and attention. Although it may not look like it, some children show good listening comprehension when they are moving.