POPARD provides a limited number of functional behaviour assessments for students who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The purpose of a functional behaviour assessment is to describe, understand and explain a student’s behaviour within his or her context (classroom, school). By examining a student’s environment and functioning within that environment, the consultant works with the school and home team to try to determine the function of the student’s behaviour, explaining why the behaviour is occurring in that context.

The assessment will include staff and parent interviews and review of student history. It may include completion of rating scales by staff and parents, as well as informal assessment or standardized testing of the student, and examination of the student’s response to intervention.

Observation and analysis of the environment where the student learns are primary components of the assessment. A goal of the functional behavioural assessment is to develop a positive behaviour support plan in collaboration with the student’s team. The behaviour support plan will make recommendations for changes in the student’s environment, changes in how staff and perhaps parents and other students interact with and respond to the student, and suggestions for new skills to teach the student (replacement behaviours).

The results of the assessment will be described in a written report that is shared with parents and school personnel.