Difficulties with self-regulation are a common challenge for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), significantly impacting learning and behaviour. Self-regulation skills at a young age have been linked to future achievements in school and life, pointing to the importance of prioritizing and teaching this set of skills. This 2-day interactive super-workshop will prepare you to answer such questions as: How do the common challenges associated with ASD impact self-regulation? What is Stuart Shanker’s model and what is the evidence base of associated strategies? By the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped with a toolbox of skills and resources to both structure the environment and teach skills to support students’ self-regulatory abilities.

This workshop is appropriate for K-12 classroom teachers, resource teachers, learning support teachers, case-managers, and other professionals wanting to learn more about teaching and supporting self-regulation. The workshop is particularly beneficial for those who can attend as a school team (e.g., the classroom teacher, case manager, and EAs for a student with self-regulation difficulties).

Registration Details

This workshop is open to all BC School District and Independent School personnel.

  • All registrants pay a $25 admin fee for this workshop