POPARD services are guided by research. We recommend evidence-based strategies in our consultations, trainings and other services. POPARD works in collaboration with school districts to encourage innovative services grounded in research or practice-based evidence.

Why research

We re-search (search again, look again) to find out how things work the way they do; that allows us to design better ways of doing things. By doing research, we also find out whether the things we are doing, including new ideas and suggested practices, actually work as intended.
There are some practices, for example, that seem to work well in a research lab or clinical setting, but when applied in a school do not work as well, or only work with certain adjustments.

Community organizations,
and other groups

We welcome collaboration with school teams on applied research projects aimed to advance our knowledge of autism in the school setting.

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POPARD stays current on the latest research in the field of autism.